By Katie Wilson

There are so many gin brands around these days, it’s hard to know which one to buy.

So to make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up our favourite British gin brands, all of which are independently owned.

From flavoured gins made in Cumbria to organic botanicals from the Cornish coast, these are the new British gin brands to know about.

Animal Spirits, GIN01 – The Rabbit

Animal Spirits Rabbit Gin new gin

Animal Spirits is a new craft spirits company founded in Bermondsey, south London, by a doctor and a theatre producer.

Their first product, GIN01 – The Rabbit, launched at the end of 2020, and The Boutique Handbook team were among the first to try it.

We can confirm it is indeed good. It also comes in a beautiful bottle, which is perfect for gifting.

£37.50 for a 70cl bottle (44%)

Buy Animal Spirits Rabbit Gin here

Bucks Brothers Gin

Bucks Brothers Gin bottle white label

Bucks Brothers officially launched in November 2020, and are already taking the drinks world by storm.

The team behind it are three real-life brothers from Buckinghamshire, hence the name. It’s one of the best new gins we’ve tried – and we’re loving the stickmen label.

In addition to their signature Buckinghamshire Dry Gin, they have a Navy Strength Gin (58%) and a Pomegranate & Sloe Gin. A Lemon Gin is dropping for summer 2021.

£36 for a 70cl bottle (40%)

Buy Bucks Brothers Gin here

Gyre & Gimble Gin

Gyre & Gimble Gin

This new British gin has an Alice and Wonderland theme behind it.

Launched at the end of 2020, Gyre & Gimble is made in Norwich by the team who run a cocktail bar of the same name.

The Queen of Hearts is cherry gin, Nohow has a double dose of juniper and orange, and Callooh Callay has scents of sea salt and lavender.

£35 each for a 70cl bottle (40-45%)

Buy Gyre & Gimble Gin here

Northwest Passage Expedition Gin

Northwest Passage Expedition Gin

This is a gin with a story – as profits from sales of this Scottish craft spirit will help fund a team of adventurers to row the Northwest Passage.

The 2,300m Arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans is known as one of the world’s last great firsts.

While completing the challenge, the team will also raise awareness of ocean conservation, so it’s basically socially-conscious drinking if you buy a bottle.

£39.95 for a 70cl bottle (42%)

Buy Northwest Passage Expedition Gin here

Bont Gin

Bont Gin

This small batch gin is handcrafted in Wales from Bridgend’s very first distillery, based out of award-winning gin bar, Nolton Corner.

Meaning ‘bridge’ in Welsh, Bont Gin was two years in the making before they perfected the final recipe during lockdown.

It has a zesty taste as it’s made with orange peel and foraged wild rosemary, and is best served with a slice of orange. The ceramic bottles it comes in are a nice touch.

£30 for a 50cl bottle (40%)

Buy Bont Gin here

Penzance Gin

Penzance Gin

This artisan British gin is the creation of three friends from Penzance in Cornwall, who also happen to be some of the only female gin makers in the UK.

As well as it’s great taste, the rich golden colour is unique, and comes from locally grown botanicals.

And we love the local reference on the beautifully designed label to the Art Deco Jubilee Pool lido Penzance is famous for.

£38 for a 70cl bottle (40%)

Buy Penzance Gin here

Land of Saints Organic Gin

Gin bottle on the beach with sea in background

The second Cornish offering on our list, if you want a clean, easy drinking gin, you must try Land of Saints.

Certified organic, it is distilled with pure Cornish water and 13 botanicals, including pink peppercorns, dried rose buds, orange peel and camomile, to create a fresh, smooth taste.

Another socially-conscious one, makers The Cornish Spirits Drink Company are a social enterprise, and 50p from each bottle sold is donated to charity.

£39.95 for a 70cl bottle (40%)

Buy Land of Saints Organic Gin here

Shellys Drinks

Shellys Drinks minature gins Raspberry Ripple Manchester Tart

On to some flavoured gins now. Shellys Drinks creates uniquely flavoured spirits with a splash of fun.

Made in Cumbria, we love her locally flavoured Manchester Tart gin and the ever popular Raspberry Ripple Gin. She also does a Mulled Gin for £15.

These are gin liqueurs rather than full strength gins, so are perfect for people who prefer lower alcohol content.

£24, 50cl bottles (23%) The Little Shellys Gin Gift Pack, pictured, is £15.

Buy Shellys Gin here

Old Curiosity Gin

Old Curiosity Gin Pink Elderflower and Jasmine

Old Curiosity gin has been around for a few years, but we’re giving it a mention as it’s one of our favourites.

Distilled in Edinburgh at The Secret Herb Garden, which has over 600 naturally-grown varieties, these really are some of the loveliest British gins.

Flavours include Apothecary Rose, Lemon Verbena, and Pink Elderflower and Jasmine. You can also buy different sized bottles which are perfect for gifts.

Prices start from £5.95 for a mini to £35.95 for a 70cl bottle (39%)

Buy Old Curiosity Gin here

Forest Gin

Forest Gin

This award-winning gin, made using only foraged ingredients, is still a tiny distillery despite all its success.

Forest Gin started in 2014 when Lindsay and Karl Bond began making it at their kitchen table in Macclesfield.

Today, it’s the only gin to have ever been awarded two separate Double-Gold Medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards. Delicious if you’ve never tried it and the Staffordshire Porcelain bottles are a nice keepsake.

£55 for a 70cl bottle (42%)

Buy Forest Gin here

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