It’s that time of year where we start to think about being more healthy – and cutting out booze is a great first step.

Whether you are making a lifestyle change or just doing it for Dry January, these are our favourite no-alcohol drinks to get you through the month (and avoid a hangover).

Mockingbird Spirit

Non-alcoholic drinks dry January Mockingbird Spirit
Credit: Mockingbird Spirit

If you are giving up the booze for Dry January, this tequila-inspired no-alcohol drink is as good as the real thing.

Made with 100% agave, Mockingbird Spirit mimics the taste of tequila, allowing you to have all the margaritas with none of the migraines.

The beautiful bottle also looks fabulous on your home bar or is perfect to send as a gift.

Price £22.99 for a 50cl bottle

Buy Mockingbird Spirit here

Sea Arch

Non-alcoholic drinks dry January Sea Arch gin alternative
Credit: Sea Arch

If you want a non-alcoholic alternative to gin to enjoy this Dry January and beyond, we love Sea Arch.

Made on the Devon Coast, this clean tasting distilled spirit is flavoured with juniper, sea kelp and samphire, with hints of grapefruit and blood orange.

Pair with good quality tonic and a squeeze of citrus and you could be drinking a real G&T.

Price £24.95 for a 70cl bottle

Buy Sea Arch here


Non-alcoholic drinks dry January Pentire gin alternative
Credit: Pentire

Another gin alternative, Pentire is made with unique botanicals which only grow on the Cornish coastline.

The result is a fresh tasting, no-alcohol drink which captures flavours such as sea fennel, citrus, sage and Cornish sea salt in their signature Pentire Adrift drink.

They also have a limited edition Pentire Seaward bottle which is flavoured with sea rosemary, pink grapefruit and wild seaweed.

Price £26.80 for a 70cl bottle

Buy Pentire here

Noughty Sparkling Wine

Non-alcoholic drinks dry January Noughty no-alcohol sparkling wine
Credit: Thomson & Scott

If you want the feeling of drinking a glass a fizz but without the booze or calories, give Noughty by Thomson & Scott a go.

This sparkling vino is not just alcohol-free, it’s also organic and vegan – and has almost half the sugar content of other non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

And with only 14 calories per glass, it’s the perfect answer to a hangover-free celebration.

Price £8.99 for a 75cl bottle

Buy Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay here

Mother Root Ginger Switchel

Non-alcoholic drinks dry January Mother Root
Credit: Mother Root

This aperitif style no-alcohol drink – which is secretly good for you – is derived from a long-lost American recipe called a ‘switchel’, which became famous during the Prohibition Era.

Mother Root is 100% natural and made with pressed ginger juice, blossom honey, organic apple cider vinegar and a hint of chilli. It is designed to be mixed with sparkling water or tonic to make a revitalising spritz.

Stocked in restaurants such as Hawksmoor and Tom Kerridge’s The Hand and Flowers, it’s best enjoyed as an aperitif, but can also be used to make cocktails or hot toddies.

Price £19 for a 480ml bottle

Buy Mother Root Ginger Switchel here

PURE Lite Vodka

Non-alcoholic drinks dry January PURE Lite Vodka
Credit: PURE Vodka

This one isn’t strictly alcohol-free – it’s a low alcohol alternative – but it’s still a great one to know about if vodka is your tipple.

PURE Lite Vodka is an ultra-premium, clean, organic spirit, which at 20% is half the alcohol content of regular vodka.

The vegan-friendly, gluten-free drink is also half the calories, which means you can have twice the fun.

Price £30 for a 70cl bottle

Buy PURE Lite Vodka here

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