Want to know how to use face oil properly? Here’s why you should add it into your skincare routine.

Far from making skin oily, this wonder product can be the ultimate powerhouse for your face, especially when combined with a moisturiser.

But how do you use face oil? And how do you pick the right face oil for your skin?

We speak to Louisa Tidy, founder of natural skincare brand Floragy, whose Revive Face Oil has won twice at the prestigious Beauty Shortlist Awards, to find out.

How to use face oil properly

Louisa Tidy from Floragy applies Revive face Oil
Credit: Floragy

What is a face oil and what does it do?

Face oil has actually been around for centuries – the Ancient Egyptians were said to use it for glowing skin. But in the last few years, it’s definitely become a trending product.

Kate Middleton famously revealed she uses rosehip face oil in her daily skincare routine, while model Cara Delevingne swears by it.

Face oils can give incredible results. They are a great form of antioxidants which support the healthy function of the skin’s barrier. 

They don’t contain water, like moisturisers do. Instead, the oil penetrates the outer layers of the skin and keeps moisture in like a protective seal. It also helps protect the barrier function of the skin against UV rays, free radicals and dehydration and infection. 

For anyone who hasn’t yet experienced the wonder of a face oil, I urge you to try one. Your skin will love you for it.

What ingredients are in face oil?

A face oil is usually made up of a blend of different oils, which have different effects on the skin.

Just seven oils go into Floragy Revive Face Oil, as we believe that using less ingredients is a more natural approach and gives just as good results, which is supported by rave reviews from our customers.

The main ingredients we use are Rosehip Oil, which brightens and evens the skin tone, thanks to its super Vitamin C content. Sacha Inchi Oil is fantastic at keeping the skin firm, smooth and supple. While Camellia Oil is easily absorbed and packed with antioxidants to prevent damage from free radicals.

Revive Face Oil is also lightly scented with Jasmine and Neroli, but comes in an unscented version for anyone who is sensitive to essential oils or pregnant. All our products are also plant-based and vegan friendly.

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Can you use face oil if you have oily skin?

There is a huge misconception that oils shouldn’t be used on oily skin, and it’s not true.

Sometimes oily skin can be over-treated and stripped of oil because of using too many products to make it appear matte.

Face oils can actually help balance the sebum of the skin and help skin appear clearer.

Oils are super nourishing and contain ingredients which support a healthy skin barrier, which is crucial to keeping skin looking smooth, youthful and protected from environmental damage.

They are great at working with your skin to seal in that moisture to help combat the signs of ageing.

How to pick the right face oil

Finding an oil which is right for you involves some research and trying out samples of those on the market.

Drier skin can take heavier oils, but Camellia and Grapeseed are incredibly light on the skin and easily absorbed, so these are a great alternative if you suffer from breakouts.

I formulated the Revive Face Oil for my own dry skin, so technically it is for dryness. However, I have a customer who has eczema and uses it because she says it’s the only thing which helps clear it up.

And I have a friend who uses it on breakout skin, so Revive is a good example of where you can’t just stick to certain ingredients for particular types of skin.

Floragy Revive Face Oil how to use face oil properly
Credit: Floragy

How to use face oil properly

I personally prefer to use a face oil at night in this order:

Double cleanse your skin. If you use a floral water or face spritz, use this to dampen the skin. Then apply your moisturiser.

If you use a lightweight oil (such as Revive) apply one drop to each cheek and a drop to the forehead, gently massage and pat the oil into the skin.

You can also use a face roller at this stage or your fingertips to massage your face.

Should you apply face oil before or after moisturiser?

There is a lot of conflicting information on whether to apply face oil before or after moisturising.

I’m not a fan of products which are so light they sink in immediately and your skin feels exactly how it did before application.

I love feeling like my skin has been pampered, which is why I always use a moisturiser after my face oil.

Are there any other ways to use a face oil?

If you find a face oil is too heavy for your skin, a really great way to still get the benefits is to mix a drop or two into your usual moisturiser.

Some of my clients use it underneath their make up before their primer to give a dewy look, or you can add a drop into your existing primer before applying foundation.

Always wait a minute or two before applying foundation so the oil can absorb into the skin. This will give a radiant look as opposed to greasy, or causing the make up to slip off.

Louisa Tidy from Floragy applies Revive face Oil
Credit: Floragy

Is there a best age to start using face oil?

I’ve noticed as I’ve got older, my skin needs more time and attention and more layers of product.

Hydration is the key to ageing skin, so introducing a face oil as early as you can is the best thing to do.

Throughout my twenties I used to just cleanse and moisturise. Now I double cleanse in the evening, tone, apply a face oil and a moisturiser.

Your skincare routine has to work for you, but everyone should have a basic regime where they cleanse, tone and moisturise. Then if you have more time you can step it up to include an exfoliator a couple of times per week, a face mask, facial spritz and eye serum.

Does Floragy just stock one face oil?

We have our original award-winning Revive Face Oil, plus another two face oils; Calm for sensitive and Nurture for breakout skin.

We also do a No. 3 Smoothing Hair Oil, which won Best Hair Product at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021.

Floragy is an award-winning skincare brand which utilises the power of plants to create gentle but effective natural products. Find out more at floragy.co.uk and follow them on Instagram at floragy_skincare

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