By Katie Wilson

Whether you best know her as a singer or for presenting the Table Manners podcast with her fabulous mum Lennie, Jessie Ware is a Boutique Handbook team favourite.

So when we heard she had a new book out, a food memoir called Omelette: Food, Love, Chaos and Other Conservations, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy.

The book, which we devoured in one sitting, is cleverly divided into food-themed sections. Some feature treasured family recipes, like her father-in-law’s Spaghetti Bolognese, or the time her mum introduced her to ‘cream on ice cream’ – which we absolutely need to try.

But what we loved most are the life stories Jessie vividly tells – did you know she has an English degree and worked as a journalist before landing a record deal?

Jessie Ware Omelette book
Jessie Ware is a singer, podcast host – and now author. Credit: Jack Grange

Proving herself to be a witty and eloquent writer, Omelette takes you on a nostalgic journey through her Nineties childhood, with school friends like Jack Peñate, Florence Welch and Felix White of the Maccabees in tow.

There are many tales about food, such as her early attempts to eat oysters and her inventive toppings for toast – marmite, peanut butter and cheese anyone?

Drinks also feature heavily, like the first time Jessie got drunk on holiday in Greece and ‘shamed the family,’ according to mum Lennie.

Then there was the time she fangirled David Beckham at the free bar at a charity football match. While a glamorous night at L.A’s Chateau Marmont hotel drinking Whispering Angel with Fifty Shades author E.L James ends with one of the worst hangovers of her life.

Jessie Ware Omelette book
Omelette is a witty food memoir by Jessie Ware. Credit: Hodder

Jessie also chronicles falling in love with husband Sam Burrows, the birth of their children, and is candid on issues from trouble with breastfeeding to the anti-Semitic abuse she has suffered since becoming famous.

Writing on Instagram, Jessie said: ‘This book is a food memoir, celebrating important – and embarrassing – moments in my life that have revolved around food, drink, relationships and of course, the dinner table.

‘It’s about growing up, falling in love – not only with white bread – but with friends and family and the experience of that first taste of something exquisite.

‘I’m really proud of it, mainly because it reminds me of how lucky I have been to be surrounded by such brilliant people, moments and meals throughout my life.’

Buy Omelette: Food, Love, Chaos and Other Conservations by Jessie Ware on Amazon (£12.99)

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