By Katie Wilson

Look for the red neon sign in the backstreets of Shoreditch and you’ll arrive at Michelin-starred dining spot Leroy.

There is no denying this place is very cool, from the location to the stripped-back decor, and the extensive vinyl collection behind the bar where DJs serve up ‘audio refreshment’ as dinner is being served.

The menu has also been stripped back for the moment to a set three courses plus a snack for £48 per person.

Tables and chairs inside Leroy restaurant Shoreditch

We visit on a Thursday night and kick off the proceedings with a White Peach Bellini, while being served our snack of tasty sourdough bread from local bakery, Dusty Knuckle, which is just up the road.

As there are two of us, we decide to order one of each course so we get to try a little bit of everything. The starter is Smoked Cod’s Roe with Salt Baked Potatoes and Padron Peppers. Delicious, but it turns into a game of Russian roulette over who might get the hot pepper.

But the winner for me was the Burrata with Chickpeas, Spinach and Braised Celery. I love burrata at the best of times, but I would have eaten this again before the mains given the chance.

Next up was Cod with Lovage, Swiss Chard, Smoked Tomato and New Potatoes. The fish is light and perfectly cooked. I end up eating more of the Confit Lamb Shoulder with Courgettes, Mint, Borlotti Beans and Anchovy.

Although I’m not usually a big lamb eater, this was definitely my stand-out dish of the evening. I would even go as far to say it’s the best lamb I’ve ever had. It just fell off your fork. I probably should have shared a bit more instead of scoffing it all myself, but it was too damn good.

And just when I think Leroy can’t get any better, it’s time for dessert. There were three choices; Grape Granita, which is like a sorbet, a Reblochon Cheese Board, or Soft Chocolate Ganache with Boozy Cherries.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the boozy cherries, which were as delightful as they sound. We opt for the cheese as our second choice. I love that the cheese board is just a single cheese. It works really well with the homemade crackers. Some words of advice, if you ever see Reblochon on a menu, order it.

As our night came to an end, we were surprised at how buzzing the restaurant still was as we left. Leroy might be low key and casual, but the food is definitely special.

Leroy, at 18 Phipp Street, Shoreditch, is open Monday to Saturday for dinner from 6pm, and Thursday to Saturday for lunch between 12-2.30pm

Set lunch menu Tuesday to Friday. Two courses £32pp, three courses £35pp

Book a table at Leroy here

Photos courtesy of Leroy

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