By Katie Wilson

The Sky Pool is London’s most exclusive rooftop right now, but would you dare take a dip?

Billed as the world’s first ‘floating’ pool, it stretches 25 metres between two apartment buildings at Embassy Gardens, near Battersea Power Station.

Even if you do manage to bag a spot poolside (it’s currently residents and guests only) you might not want to look down, as the pool is 10 storeys up and fully transparent.

It only allows 19 swimmers in at any one time, which is slightly disconcerting.

A swimmer in London's Sky Pool
Would you dare take a dip? Credit: Sky Pool

The developers describe London’s Sky Pool as ‘a crystal clear, 25-metre-long pool that seems to float in the air.’

With uninterrupted views in every direction, it’s an experience the Embassy Gardens team liken to flying.

‘There’s no other pool in the world like this one,’ according to the website.

London's Sky Pool
Don’t look down! Credit: Sky Pool

Residents who live in the building, where flats cost upwards of £1 million, can also enjoy the Sky Deck, Orangery and summer bar rooftop spaces, which are available for private hire.

But living at this luxury London address is not enough to get you into Sky Pool London.

Only select ‘super-rich’ residents have access to the swimming pool in the sky. Renters and those who bought using shared ownership have reportedly been left off the list.

Aerial shot of London's Sky Pool
The pool also has a Sky Deck, bar and Orangery area. Credit: Jason Hawkes/Sky Pool

Most of us will never get the chance to try out London’s latest aquarium, unless it ever opens its doors to the public.

An Evening Standard reporter who was lucky enough to be invited spoke of his ‘sheer terror’ at stepping into the pool, but added: “Once in, the vertigo quickly ebbs away.”

It turns out you can’t see much through the bottom of the pool when you are actually swimming in it – but swimmers beware, the people below can definitely see you.

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