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The Boutique Handbook partners with handpicked brands across the travel, food & drink and lifestyle sectors.

We offer a range of online partnership opportunities including:

Sponsored Content Articles

Social Media Giveaways

Social Media Promotion

Promotion in our Monthly Newsletter

Affiliate Links

Website Advertising

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Classic Cottages

Unique Hideaways

Host Unusual


The Slowlist

Pinks and Roses London


Boutique Handbook Media

The Boutique Handbook also offers a bespoke media consultancy service for businesses who want to get their brand seen in the press.

We can help you:

Carefully craft the right story for your brand

Identify the right publications to contact, at the right time

Organise a media timeline for your business

Position you as an industry expert journalists want to talk to

Assist with copywriting, blog posts and SEO

Want to know more? Set up a free consultation: hello@boutiquehandbook.com

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